The Birth | Matthew 1:18-24

**Please be sure to read all around this passage so that you are getting it in context; and as always, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the understanding that He would have you see. Passage: Matthew 1:18-25


So here we have a pretty brief description of the circumstances of the birth of Jesus. Matthew spends little time on this but covers the key points:

  • Jesus was to be his name, or Immanuel meaning "God With Us" .
  • The Angel of the Lord refer's to Joseph as a "son of David".
  • Mary conceived through the Holy Spirit and Joseph did not have sexual relations with her.
  • He points out that this all was prophecied through God's prophet
  • He also makes note of Joseph wanting to "do the right thing" break the engagement quietly. However, when instructed by the Lord he did as instructed, no matter what the "norms" of that day were.

There are a couple of points that stand out to me. Joseph did as he was told by the angel of the Lord even though it really went against the norms of the day. I believe that God's true believers will soon be asked to go against the norms of Christianity and do what God's true Will is as it is plainly shown in the bible.

I also love the meaning of Immanuel....God With Us. This is of huge significance in my personal walk. It tells me that God was willing to give up heaven to come and live among us so that we could see his true character once again. The Israelites had enjoyed His presence at the center of their camp for many years, but like all foolish humans, they decided the way of the world was better and requested a king instead. It just seems so stupid when we look back on it with 20/20 vision; why would they ever think that having a human king would be better than having God lead them? It is always the beginning of our true sorrows in life, when we turn from God as our Master and put ourselves or someone else on the throne instead.


Dear Lord,

Please forgive me my selfish ways. Lord, help me to always put you first in my life; to always put You on the throne instead of myself or something else. Your way is right. Your way is just. Your way is perfect; and though I cannot always see the end result, I know that I can trust in You to see it for me. Help me to hear your voice Lord, help me to hear it and respond to it.

Lord, protect my children today. Keep them safe from harm and temptation. Lord I love them very much and I know you do to, so please help in getting them to heaven with You...the only thing that matters. Lord, keep my wife safe. Help her to show you to others today as she deals with your children. Be with our church family. Help them to hold You close and lean on you in the times we have ahead of us. Give us a full measure of Your Holy Spirit so that we may lead others to You. Help us to truly understand the Good News so that we can freely share it with others. Help us to know your love so that we may impart it.

Be with my friends Ken and Karen. Help them to stay in Your Will. Be with their children, and help them to find the deep and real and freeing forgiveness that only You can give. Help them to understand what it really means to forgive 70x7.

Thank You for Your presence in my life. Thank you for all that You supply; my house, my job, my family, my church, my food, and my health. Help me to be willing to give any of those things up freely if You ask it of me. I also want to thank you for your recent protection in my life. You kept me safe in that car accident and You kept the other driver safe too...thank You so much.

I love You Lord with all my heart...please continue to change it into Your image. Amen