Ancestry and it's importance | Matthew 1:17


**Please be sure to read all around this passage so that you are getting it in context; and as always, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the understanding that He would have you see. Passage: Matthew 1:17

Thoughts: 14 generatios x3 = 52 generations between Abraham and Jesus. Does that mean it took 52 generations for God's earthly kingdom (Isreal) to reach a point that they had God's true message so completely messed up that Jesus needed to come and show the people His true character again?

I've often wondered what it was that made God decide NOW is the time for the Messiah to come. Was He gauging how much of His Character had been lost to the people or how far the devil had deceived them into misunderstanding who He was? Did He finally say "Enough! If I allow this to go on much longer, no one will ever be able to know who I really am. Now is the appointed time".

Does this type of thing have a natural course? How many generations has it been since Jesus set things right? How much like the Israel of Jesus time is the Christian system today?

  • Making money off the good news, creating and selling "self-help" books in the name of God and profiting from them.
  • Plant your "seed" money and just have enough faith! Can't you see by the sweat on my brow, the way that I get all riled up, and the glint off of my rolex watch, that I have a direct line to the heavenly bank account?
  • Jesus is a feel good fun fella who wouldn't hurt a fly.
  • Don't read your Bible, let meeee tell you what He's like. Let meeee show you the way to happiness. Besides, your probably not smart enough to figure it all out and I went to college.

These things are happening in our Christian world we see them for what they are?


Dear Father in Heaven,

I become synical sometimes and, yes Lord, down-right angry when I see the way some people treat your salvation. Lord, help me to treat it with the respect and awe that it deserves. Please change my heart Lord and guide me always to your truth. Protect your people Lord, and help me to never take your name in vain, but to call myself a Christain only as I am able to understand what that means through YOUR eyes. Lead me in all that I do, and in all that I say. Help me to make You the King in my life, and to put away my selfish pride. I love you. Amen.