Unsalty salt is worthless | Matthew 5:13

**Please be sure to read all around this passage so that you are getting it in context; and as always, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to the understanding that He would have you see. Passage: Matthew 5:13


Jesus is asking a rhetorical question.  What good is tasteless salt? I love it when He asks rhetorical questions; it leads us to think. I will take this question and expound on it...

  • I could cover my whole plate of food in tasteless salt but it would only serve to make the food taste worse, not better.
  • I could not use the tasteless salt, but then the food would never receive the attention it needs.
  • I could try to make the salt salty again; but do you see the conundrum in that action? Why bother spreading good salt onto bad salt. Just take the good salt and put it on the food where it belongs...leaving the bad salt as what it is...useless.

This verse is a call to the state of discipleship. As disciples we are called to spread the word (salt) unto the world. But if we don't live a life that is flavored by truth, Jesus, the gospel internalized, and purpose...then we are really just spreading around tasteless salt.

So what are we being called to here?

Jesus has a message here for us today and also he had a message for the Jewish nation at the time. Lets look at each separately:

The message to the Jewish nation... They had become tasteless salt. They were intended to be the salt of the earth. They were to be spreading light to the world and drawing all men to God, but instead they had kept it hidden and to themselves, making it useless and unable to accomplish it's true purpose."

The message to us today... We have the exact same problem that the Jewish nation had back then. We too have added too much to the gospel. We have put too many of mans traditions on it and made the yoke too heavy once again. We don't strive to find God's Truth and Will, but we seek what is easy and doesn't interfere with business as usual. We do not live it, we only give it lip service. We sit on the fence, one foot in the World and one foot with God. We too need to come back to God and start to follow him. We need to become good salt, making all we meet gain a "taste" of Jesus.


Dear Lord,

Please, first and foremost forgive me of my sins. Cleanse my life Lord and help me to see my sinfulness and in turn your grace and mercy will shine in my life. Lord, I ask with all my heart that you help to make me good salt. Help me to be a good disciple for you Lord and to live a life that has "flavor". I want to serve you and only you...lead me down that path.

Thank you so much for all that you supply. Lord, help me to do a good job at work and especially help me to do right by Jill. Show me what I need to do to help her to succeed in her new business endeavor. Help me to be a good steward of the time we will be given and show me how to teach her in a way that will be easy, and will have staying power.

Lord, please watch over my family, friends, church, co-workers, and especially over all of the prayer requests on my prayer list. Lord, may Your good and perfect will lead in all things.

Thank you for your sacrifice Lord. Help me to never lose sight of how amazing your love is for me. Help me to see others through Your eyes.

I love you Lord. Amen.