Heart leads to true action | Matthew 7:21-23

Passage: Matthew 7:21-23 [NKJV] Thoughts:

In my opinion, this is one of the most important passages in the new testament. Jesus is here saying that many will have worldly success, even in the religious realm, but will never actually know or be known by Christ. Too often we seek to know "What must I do to be saved"...but we allow ourselves to be taught the things that "man" thinks we must do and not God. Jesus makes it clear in much of His teaching that salvation and being a true follower is a matter of the heart and not of the actions.

Does that mean that I don't have to do anything to be saved?

Of course not. What it means is that for true changes; change that really matters; change that really allows Christ into our hearts, requires a heart transformation. The actions will follow a changed heart. Our actions will reflected or display the true state of the heart. (fruits)

But what about those people who look good at church. How do I know if they are wolves in sheeps clothing or not?

Often the wolves in sheep's clothing are able to disguise themselves well within the fold.They speak all the right words and religious sounding things at all the right moments. They pray elaborate prayers, smile, and say "God bless" right along with the rest...But, moments will arise in their daily lives that will show their true colors. They will not always be able to display "false light" because they are too often attracted to darkness and not light. Other things that will show themselves will be a lack of humbleness and a selfish nature.

What about myself? How do I know whether or not I am a wolf or a sheep?

Ask yourself...do I really love Jesus. Do I enjoy my time with Him daily? Do I want to become a better Christian out of a desire to please my Saviour more than out of a desire to be praised by others? What is my motivation for being a Christian....again, we get back to the core of the issue. The state of the heart. Check your own motivation. Be willing to question why you do the things you do. Be able to admit when your motivations may have been wrong and then make the choice to change. Jesus will always accept a humble earnest heart. Be earnest with Christ...tell Him how you feel and about your struggles. He will help you to change. He wants to mold your character and if you let Him He can.


Dear Lord of Heaven and Earth,

Thank you so much for being willing to see our hearts and want to change them into Your likeness. Help us to desire Your light over darkness. Help us to love You more than all the riches in the world.

I thank you Lord, for Your love and for Your life that you gave for me. I cannot fathom that you did this all for me...but you say you have and I accept that. I wish I was better at showing You the love and sacrifice that You deserve. Please help me with this.

Thank you for all that you provide. Be with my family and friends and keep them all safe. Amen