Jesus returns home | Matthew 9:1

Always pray for the Spirit to reveal what Jesus wants you to see... Scripture: Matthew 9:1 [NLT]

While our scripture is Matthew 9:1, I also want to view it in light of the previous encounter with the Gadarenes. Please review this passage and post.

Mat 9:1  Jesus climbed into a boat and went back across the lake to His own town.

Observation: (Place yourself at the scene of the scripture)

Jesus has just finished casting out demons from two possessed men on the other side of Galilee. I see the disciples following Him into the boat, excited by the two big experiences they have just had. They have just witnessed great power from the Man they have chosen to follow and they may even be excited about the prospects of what that could mean for their lives. I see them watching and waiting for the next big display of fireworks and they are probably thinking things like "I wonder when we will be taking out the Romans?". Jesus, on the other hand, has just been rejected by a group that He so longs to love and help. I see Him as a little dirty, tired, spent from the encounter with the demons; but, more than that, I see sadness on his face. His heart is hurting. He wants to go back to His home town where there are people who love and accept Him. He desires to be with loved ones who can comfort Him after this disappointing encounter with the Gadarenes.

(What did you see in this scripture reader? Let us know in the comments section of the blog)

Application: (How can I apply this to my life)

I can apply this by thinking of how Jesus is so hurt by our failure to accept Him. He does not force our love, He just wants it. He will help us with the demons inside; the distractions, the failures, the cares of this world are all things that he can handle; He showed this in his dealing with the demoniacs. But the one thing that He cannot do, is force us to accept His love, also shown in how the Gadarenes pushed Him away and asked Him to leave. He can only ask. I want to apply this to my life by accepting His offer of love and spending more time with Him. I want Him to help me with the things in my life that I am so unable to handle on my own. I want to reciprocate His amazing love for me. I will do this by spending more time with Him and to do even this, I will ask for His help.

(How will you apply this passage to your life. How can you take what you have learned and use it? Let us know with a comment.)

Prayer: ( Talk with your friend. Let Him know your cares and feelings)

Dear Jesus,

I do thank you Lord for your love and grace and power and the hope that you give. I want to be someone who truly reciprocates Your love. Help me with the distractions this world is so full of. Protect me from satan and his power. I ask for protection for myself and for my family. Keep them safe from harm Lord, but more importantly bring them all closer to you. Tomorrow, wake me early so that I can have this time with you again. Thank you for loving me so much and thank you for wanting a relationship with me. Amen.

(Let Jesus know how you feel. Communicate with your friend.)