Adventure! Working for Jesus | Matthew 10:1-15

Scripture: Matthew 10:1-15 [NLT] Because this is such a long section of scripture I chose not to list it and only to link to it.

Observation: (What do you see with your mind's eye when you read this scripture?)

In light of previous verses Matthew 9:36-38 I see Jesus, having gathered his 12 disciples around Him, giving them instructions on how to be good harvesters. They are huddled around Him, and He gives them the authority to do the same miracles of healing that he had just been doing in the villages. Each disciple is specifically named here. Now the instructions are given.

- Don't start with the Gentiles

Teaching them will cause some troubles because of their lack of knowledge of the scripture. We need to concentrate fully on those who should have been ready in the first place. What a special blessing the Jews received in this, and yet I think so many of them still didn't recognize their Messiah.

- Start with the Jews, the lost sheep of God.

God's special mercy for his lost children. Also this is a good starting place. Jesus is saying, "Give the Good News to those you are closest to first. Sometimes we need to work within our own churches first...there may be lost children who are just warming the pews.

- Announce the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

What is the message we are to present? The Advent message. Jesus is coming soon! Does this idea not pull on your heart when you hear it? It creates a sense of urgency to know more so that you can be prepared for His coming.

- Do miracles

By this they will know you are from me. Notice that all of the miracles are for healing and making the person well again.

- Don't take money or increase your wealth for what you do many millionaire preachers do we have in this nation? How many that seek to grow their congregation in order for their bank accounts to grow? This is why they will say anything to keep the pews full and in the process may be leading their "sheep" to the slaughter.

- Don't prepare for the journey

If you prepare for the journey you are denying God's ability to give you everything you need and you will miss the blessing of what He can do for you.

- Accept hospitality, food, and shelter.

God providing for you. :)

- Stay with someone who is upright

Be aware of your reputation and allow nothing to taint your mission.

- Bless the home you stay in. If it turns out to be unworthy, remove the blessing.

Pay back a good reception with a blessing from God.

- If a household or town refuses to welcome you, don't let that weigh you down. Brush off the dust and move on.

Don't become useless to God by worrying when you are unable to move someone. It is not always your fault if the message is not accepted. It can be hard to accept this fact because we see the message so clearly and can't fathom why anyone would reject it; so, we will have a tendency to blame ourselves when it is rejected. The light will be rejected by many. We must brush the dust from our feet and move on, or we become unusable.

Application:(How can I apply this to my life?)

These are the instructions for the Great Commission. We are told to "go unto all the world and preach the good news", but many ask the question "How"? This is the answer. Simplicity. Start with those who are close to you. Share the Good News of the soon return of Jesus. Share Him and what He has done for you.

Next take it to others. It may grow on it's own from there. Don't get discouraged and do it for the right reasons. Do it for Jesus; to help your Friend who has lost sheep.

I want to be usable by Jesus.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for showing me how You can help me to share You with others. Thank you for affirming that starting in the church is the right place. Please be with all that I do for You and please help to keep "me" out of it. Work through me Lord, please, I want to be a help and not a stumbling block.

Thank you for being the Great Provider. Thank you for my health and my family's health. Bless our small group studies and bless this blog. I love you. In Jesus name, Amen.


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