Show us a sign so we can believe | Matthew 12:38-45

Scripture:Matthew 12:38-45 [NLT] , or , [NKJV]Due to the size of this passage you can read it by clicking on one of the links above.

Observation:(What do you see when you read this scripture?)

Jesus is once again accosted by the religious elite. They challenge Him to prove He has authority by giving them a miraculous sign, one that will "make" them believe. Possibly they would want Jesus to turn a rod into a snake or to cause fire to come down from heaven. Apparently healing blind, deaf, leprous, and the dead just wasn't quite enough for them.

Jesus sees straight to the heart of the matter. He understands that nothing He could ever do, no "miracle" He could ever perform would get them to repent of their sins and really follow Him. He understands that if He had performed a big "wow" factor miracle, say maybe fire from heaven, that they may have started to follow Him, but it would have been for the wrong reason. They would have been following His power to destroy, not His power to save from sin. I get that now.

How frustrating that must have been for Him. He could have easily had the whole nation of Israel following Him where ever He went, but they all would have been following THEIR idea of who He should be and not what He really was. I fully believe that if Jesus had at that very moment called down fire from heaven and destroyed some local Roman pagan statue and then said "Everyone, follow me. I am the Messiah and I'm here to kick some Roman behind!" they would have been falling all over themselves trying to be His right hand man.

It was the fact that His ministry did not fall into their ideas, their teachings, their religious concepts, precepts, and requirements that made them unable to see who He really was.

It could be for the very same reason that some of us will miss the later rain or the TRUE revival of repentance (also called for by Jesus here during His first appearance and outpouring of the Holy Spirit), because we have not searched the scriptures to find what Jesus wants from us, but we have only looked for what we are willing to give.

Consider the people out there who will travel miles and miles to see an apparent image of Jesus burnt into a piece of toast. What are they really looking for, and are you after the same thing with just a different face...?

Application:(How can I apply this to my life)

Plain and simple. No more goofin' around. I need to find out what Jesus wants from me. I need to have a repentant heart and turn to Him for strength. I need to be in His Word. I need to know Him more, and me less.

Prayer:(Let Him know what you think)

Dear Lord,

I know that time is short and I know that I have NONE of the answers. I need Your strength and guidance and I want to do Your Will. PLEASE help me to know Your will and then PLEASE give me the strength to follow it. I am so very sorry for hurting You as I know I do when I sin. Please forgive me and help me to turn from my sin. Thank you for your forgiveness and the cleansing that it brings.

Lord, please help me in my job. I am really struggling right now and I need Your guidance.

Please be with my family and friends and keep them all safe. Bring them home to You. Amen.