The Coming Oil Crisis - Audio Sermon


The Coming Oil Crisis Part 1

The Coming Oil Crisis Part 2: Striking Oil

The Coming Oil Crisis Part 3: God's Fire Drill

Dear Friends, (Jeff Wiencken, if your reading this it means you too.) :)

I just finished listening to this sermon regarding the coming oil crisis. There is a current crisis that you may not know your in the midst of until you listen to this sermon. Please listen. Please take the time and probe the inner parts of your heart and ask yourself the tough questions.

  • Am I really ready for Jesus to come?
  • Do I know Him as a Friend?

There is still time to avert this crisis in your life. If you are looking at this post right now and reading these words then I emplore you to click the links above and listen to the message. It is timely and it is necessary. We have a loving Creator God who is desirous of a relationship with us. He does not hide Himself from us, we hide from Him. He is displayed in His glorious creation, in His Word, in His actions (the Cross), and in His mercy. What are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Is it really worth it....