You Are Loved


As a Christian follower of Jesus Christ I often want to cry out to those who are discouraged and feeling unloved...


...but these are just words; sometimes irritating or frightening words if you are a stranger to them. You have invaded their personal space with something they do not understand, or feel or sometimes even know that they have. So, this problem begs the question...

How does a person know that Jesus loves them?

It really is an intangible concept this love thing. How does one know that they are loved by another person?

  • Spending time together and getting to know one another
  • Physical contact such as hugging, touching, kissing, etc
  • Doing things for each other
  • Sharing - likes, hurts, joys, sorrows
  • Saying, writing, showing, displaying "I love you"

But, we also live in a sinful selfish world where all of these things can be easily taken away from us. Someone who once said "I love you" from their heart, can later look you straight in the eye and say "I hate you" or "You don't make me happy anymore". Even parents, who are supposed to love their children unconditionally, are today killing them, hurting them, using them and destroying them.

How does this change our view of love?

What about the times we ourselves have withheld love from another person because we wanted to hurt them? For every person that has been hurt in a relationship there was at least one person (almost always both) who started to hold back on their love as a form of punishment or as a way to make demands.

Have you always been loving with those you say you love?

As the old rock-n-roll song puts it, "Love hurts" and we have learned this during our years here on this planet. So, how can something that feels so good, when it is given correctly, cause so much pain?

Because it is never really given by another human being unconditionally...without sin.

Now, lets return to our scenario. When I cry out to a stranger on the street, "JESUS LOVES YOU!", that can mean so many things to them; the most likely of which is the deep inner thought "Ya right! Prove it".So, why can't we?!! What is it that we are waiting for? Why can't we prove it? Because we are not experiencing it....

Do you know that Jesus loves you unconditionally? Do you really? How?

By looking to the cross and knowing that He did that for YOU. Look there! Do you see that His love for you never ever weakened or wavered, not once. It was His love for you that drove Him onward, ever toward the cross, knowing always that it was the price He had to pay for His unconditional love for you.

And know this also friend. When you feel this unconditional truth deep in your own heart it will burst wide open with the desire to share it with others. "Look everyone!! Jesus loves you!" But remember, they are sinners just as you are. They are loved unconditionally by Jesus, already. Seek to connect with them and then share what you know about the love you have experienced, but most of all...


Dear Reader: Please listen to this wonderful sermon by one of my favorite pastors. It will help you... I promise.

>>>You Are Loved<<<

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