I AM With You Always | Matthew 28:11-20

"...and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.
"...and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.

Mat 28:11 Now while they were going, behold, some of the guard came into the city and reported to the chief priests all the things that had happened. Mat 28:12 When they had assembled with the elders and consulted together, they gave a large sum of money to the soldiers, Mat 28:13 saying, "Tell them, 'His disciples came at night and stole Him away while we slept.' Mat 28:14 And if this comes to the governor's ears, we will appease him and make you secure." Mat 28:15 So they took the money and did as they were instructed; and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews until this day. Mat 28:16 Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them. Mat 28:17 When they saw Him, they worshiped Him; but some doubted. Mat 28:18 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Mat 28:19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Mat 28:20 teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.

The End of the Journey Through Matthew

I have been writing about the book of Matthew for quite some time now. In fact I started back on April 12th, 2010 with my very first post. Today is December 10, 2012 which means I have been doing this for approximately 32 months. Here is the very first paragraph that was written...

There are many reasons that I have started this blog, the most important being that I want to get to know my Savior Jesus Christ more personally. I believe that the only way I can do that is to really spend time in His word. However, the world has many distractions; many paths leading away from Him. So, to take control of a portion of my life, I am dedicating time each week to writing down my thoughts and feelings on a bible passage. I am doing this on the web in hopes that others will gain from this personal journey.

The intent of this blog was to bring me closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So, did it? I must answer with an emphatic YES! I highly recommend to anyone that wants a closer walk with Jesus; that they read and then write about what they have "seen". It is good to do it from the perspective of telling what you know to someone else so that they to can see what you have seen. This drives you to make your points better and to understand things more clearly before you put them down for others to read.

This journey was purely a selfish one. My main intention was to grow closer to my Savior, but if others benefit from my sharing I praise God that the Holy Spirit can work through such a broken vessel.

The journey has been exciting, frustrating and inspiring. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have grown closer to Christ and this has made this trip well worth it.

Using the analogy of a "trip" or journey was very appropriate. There were times when the road was clear and the travels were easy, and other times when it was extremely hard to start the car and get moving (writing). I needed a lot of fuel (prayer) and my GPS (Holy Spirit) got dropped under the seat a few times along the way..though it never actually left the car. I hit bumps, rough roads, and even stopped in some places for weeks on end trying to really understand which direction the GPS wanted me to go. Jesus spoke to me sometimes like a passenger in the car helping to guide me to our next destination and at other times like police officer reminding me of the rules of the road. Most importantly, He was with me the whole way.

It is appropriate that the book of Matthew ends with the statement "...lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." He was with me and I have no doubt that He will continue to be with me to the very end. Why do I believe this? Because He had been there and because He said He would be. His Word has power....power to change men's hearts. Dear reader, know and trust that the Lord is Good. He proved it on the cross, leaving no doubt about how much He loves you. Don't let your journey end without allowing Jesus to become your navigator. Pray with me...


Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank You so much for giving us Your only begotten Son, Jesus. Your word is truth and life and love. Your love is everlasting and You have promised to be with us always. It has been Your goal from the beginning. You want to know us...help us to want to know you. Give me today Your Holy Spirit so that I may live, because living with You is all I want. Forgive my sins Lord. Cleanse my unclean heart and show me the narrow road that I must follow to stay safe in Your arms. Thank You for providing my daily bread. Thank You for watching over my family and friends. I love You Lord. Amen.

The End of the Journey?

Now that I have reached the end of my journey through Matthew the big question becomes...where to go from here? The car is all gassed up and tuned up, but I need to know where to take it? The road map (Bible) is massive with many different roads leading to new and exciting discoveries. Maybe you, dear reader, have a suggestion? Please leave a comment below and recommend a destination...

The "Joy" That Life Brings | Matthew 28:1-10

Mat 28:1 Early on Sunday morning, as the new day was dawning, Mary Magdalene and the other Mary went out to visit the tomb.Mat 28:2 Suddenly there was a great earthquake! For an angel of the Lord came down from heaven, rolled aside the stone, and sat on it.Mat 28:3 His face shone like lightning, and his clothing was as white as snow.Mat 28:4 The guards shook with fear when they saw him, and they fell into a dead faint.Mat 28:5 Then the angel spoke to the women. "Don't be afraid!" he said. "I know you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.Mat 28:6 He isn't here! He is risen from the dead, just as He said would happen. Come, see where His body was lying.Mat 28:7 And now, go quickly and tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead, and He is going ahead of you to Galilee. You will see Him there. Remember what I have told you."Mat 28:8 The women ran quickly from the tomb. They were very frightened but also filled with great joy, and they rushed to give the disciples the angel's message.Mat 28:9 And as they went, Jesus met them and greeted them. And they ran to Him, grasped His feet, and worshiped Him.Mat 28:10 Then Jesus said to them, "Don't be afraid! Go tell My brothers to leave for Galilee, and they will see Me there."

The Joy that Life Brings

Consider the act of birth. A new life comes into the world bringing with it all the implications of future joy, future worry, and future expectation; all bundled into this crying wriggling package. The nine month process of bringing this new life into existence caused much pain, discomfort, worry and strife; but along with that hope, expectation and joy of what this new life will mean.

We celebrate the birth of a child as a happy experience even though we know that there will be much pain involved. Not just physical pain but mental pain and stress. There will be a lifetime of work involved and none of it easy, yet we move forward with celebration.

Why? Why does new life bring so much joy wrapped up in so much misery? 

Any parent will tell you that if you looked at the whole process of raising a child from a purely logical perspective, you would have to pronounce yourself mentally unstable for choosing to have one. Who would enthusiastically raise their hand if I asked this question...

"Who wants to bring a completely helpless life into this world. Worry about it, stress over it, be hated by it, cry for it...with it...and about it. Give it much of the money that you work hard to earn, only to have it disdain you for 'not ever giving it what it want's'. It will poop on you, barf on you, pee on you and rarely say thank you for what you've done. And this is only the beginning of the sorrows..."

Well, did you raise your hand? If you were being purely logical I would venture a guess that you wouldn't have raised your hand...but then again love is rarely logical.

As parents we are invested in our children in a way that makes no logical sense at all. It's called love and with love comes hope.

When I look at my children I see only what they could be. I hope for them to be happy, satisfied, joyful and most of all alive with their true purpose. I want them to know the love that I have for them is deeper than they are even able to comprehend. I am willing to do whatever is in my power to help them. I make the tough choices and exercise the tough love that will bring them around to what will save them all the while knowing that they can choose to do whatever they want. They may even choose to rebel against me or hate me but I don't care. I can quickly forgive that. All I want is for  them to have this gift of love that I have to give. They don't even understand the treasure that my love is...how can I show them? How can I make them understand? Do I have to prove it somehow? Show it?

Jesus' death and resurrection

Jesus' death showed us the depth of His love for us. It brought us to the understanding that even though we were still sinners, sinners who were willing to spit in the face of love....He was still willing to die on our behalf. He did it to show us His character of love. He wanted us to see the real treasure. Do you see it?

However, our experience in this sinful world tells us that the death of something is the end of the line. None of the disciples would have ever come to the realization of the loving act that God performed at the cross if they had not seen the resurrected Christ. Instead they would have ultimately sulked away, thinking "Well, I guess Jesus wasn't really the Messiah we thought he was," and that would have been the end of the story. But the resurrection happened and it changed everything. This gave them hope! Now, they had a living Savior who was willing and able to save them. His new life brought with it hope of a future with a loving Father in Heaven who has not only shown that He loved them to the point of death on the cross, but that He has the power to save them and guide them and direct them as a loving Father.

If you are a parent you have undoubtedly had this thought: "If only my children could know how much I really love them, it would change the way they see me and respond to me." Well, maybe this is a universal truth? God needs us to see just how much He loves us so that it will change our attitude toward Him. And beyond even that, He has given us the demonstrated hope of the resurrection. A hope in His power to change us and form us into His loving image again.


Father in Heaven,

Thank You so much for doing everything possible to show us how much You love us. It is incomprehensible to my sinners mind, yet when I compare what you've done to how I feel about my own children I get a glimmer of understanding. Thank You for the trials and thorns of life that have brought me closer to You. I want to love You in a better way Lord. I want to love You the way that You loved me. Give me that strength...please. Help me also to see my "siblings" in the same way that You see them. Help me to desire their salvation as much as You do, and then give me the power to act upon that desire. Forgive me for all the times I did not return Your love.

Be with my family and my children in the way that I cannot. Protect them and lead them back to You Lord. Fill me with the Holy Spirit today. I give You my life. Amen.

Love of Jesus | Matthew Chapter 27

jesus christ
jesus christ

I have known for awhile now that I wanted to post the entire chapter of Matthew 27 uninterrupted by my ramblings and thoughts. If I could give any advice to someone wanting to know Jesus and I could only give them one thing...it would be "Read Matthew Chapter 27 as often as you can". Read it and know that Jesus Christ did this for you. He took the crushing weight of your sins to the cross and there paid the full price for them. Honor Him as you see Him love you like no other. Remember that He did this for you while you were yet a sinner, ungodly, weak and powerless to save yourself.

Thank you Jesus!

The Love of Jesus

Mat 27:1 Very early in the morning the leading priests and the elders met again to lay plans for putting Jesus to death. Mat 27:2 Then they bound Him, led Him away, and took Him to Pilate, the Roman governor. Mat 27:3 When Judas, who had betrayed Him, realized that Jesus had been condemned to die, he was filled with remorse. So he took the thirty pieces of silver back to the leading priests and the elders. Mat 27:4 "I have sinned," he declared, "for I have betrayed an innocent man." "What do we care?" they retorted. "That's your problem." Mat 27:5 Then Judas threw the silver coins down in the Temple and went out and hanged himself. Mat 27:6 The leading priests picked up the coins. "It wouldn't be right to put this money in the Temple treasury," they said, "since it was payment for murder." Mat 27:7 After some discussion they finally decided to buy the potter's field, and they made it into a cemetery for foreigners. Mat 27:8 That is why the field is still called the Field of Blood. Mat 27:9 This fulfilled the prophecy of Jeremiah that says, "They took the thirty pieces of silver—the price at which he was valued by the people of Israel, Mat 27:10 and purchased the potter's field, as the LORD directed. " Mat 27:11 Now Jesus was standing before Pilate, the Roman governor. "Are You the king of the Jews?" the governor asked Him. Jesus replied, "You have said it."Mat 27:12 But when the leading priests and the elders made their accusations against Him, Jesus remained silent. Mat 27:13 "Don't You hear all these charges they are bringing against You?" Pilate demanded. Mat 27:14 But Jesus made no response to any of the charges, much to the governor's surprise. Mat 27:15 Now it was the governor's custom each year during the Passover celebration to release one prisoner to the crowd—anyone they wanted. Mat 27:16 This year there was a notorious prisoner, a man named Barabbas. Mat 27:17 As the crowds gathered before Pilate's house that morning, he asked them, "Which one do you want me to release to you—Barabbas, or Jesus who is called the Messiah?" Mat 27:18 (He knew very well that the religious leaders had arrested Jesus out of envy.) Mat 27:19 Just then, as Pilate was sitting on the judgment seat, his wife sent him this message: "Leave that innocent man alone. I suffered through a terrible nightmare about Him last night." Mat 27:20 Meanwhile, the leading priests and the elders persuaded the crowd to ask for Barabbas to be released and for Jesus to be put to death. Mat 27:21 So the governor asked again, "Which of these two do you want me to release to you?" The crowd shouted back, "Barabbas!" Mat 27:22 Pilate responded, "Then what should I do with Jesus who is called the Messiah?" They shouted back, "Crucify Him!" Mat 27:23 "Why?" Pilate demanded. "What crime has He committed?" But the mob roared even louder, "Crucify Him!" Mat 27:24 Pilate saw that he wasn't getting anywhere and that a riot was developing. So he sent for a bowl of water and washed his hands before the crowd, saying, "I am innocent of this man's blood. The responsibility is yours!" Mat 27:25 And all the people yelled back, "We will take responsibility for His death—we and our children!" Mat 27:26 So Pilate released Barabbas to them. He ordered Jesus flogged with a lead-tipped whip, then turned Him over to the Roman soldiers to be crucified. Mat 27:27 Some of the governor's soldiers took Jesus into their headquarters and called out the entire regiment. Mat 27:28 They stripped Him and put a scarlet robe on Him. Mat 27:29 They wove thorn branches into a crown and put it on His head, and they placed a reed stick in His right hand as a scepter. Then they knelt before Him in mockery and taunted, "Hail! King of the Jews!" Mat 27:30 And they spit on Him and grabbed the stick and struck Him on the head with it. Mat 27:31 When they were finally tired of mocking Him, they took off the robe and put His own clothes on Him again. Then they led Him away to be crucified. Mat 27:32 Along the way, they came across a man named Simon, who was from Cyrene, and the soldiers forced him to carry Jesus' cross. Mat 27:33 And they went out to a place called Golgotha (which means "Place of the Skull"). Mat 27:34 The soldiers gave Him wine mixed with bitter gall, but when He had tasted it, He refused to drink it. Mat 27:35 After they had nailed Him to the cross, the soldiers gambled for His clothes by throwing dice. [This fulfilled the word of the prophet: "They divided My garments among themselves and cast lots for My robe."] Mat 27:36 Then they sat around and kept guard as He hung there. Mat 27:37 A sign was fastened to the cross above Jesus' head, announcing the charge against Him. It read: "This is Jesus, the King of the Jews." Mat 27:38 Two revolutionaries were crucified with Him, one on His right and one on His left. Mat 27:39 The people passing by shouted abuse, shaking their heads in mockery. Mat 27:40 "Look at You now!" they yelled at Him. "You said You were going to destroy the Temple and rebuild it in three days. Well then, if You are the Son of God, save Yourself and come down from the cross!" Mat 27:41 The leading priests, the teachers of religious law, and the elders also mocked Jesus. Mat 27:42 "He saved others," they scoffed, "but He can't save Himself! So He is the King of Israel, is He? Let Him come down from the cross right now, and we will believe in Him! Mat 27:43 He trusted God, so let God rescue Him now if He wants Him! For He said, 'I am the Son of God.'" Mat 27:44 Even the revolutionaries who were crucified with Him ridiculed Him in the same way. Mat 27:45 At noon, darkness fell across the whole land until three o'clock. Mat 27:46 At about three o'clock, Jesus called out with a loud voice, "Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?" which means "My God, My God, why have You abandoned Me?"Mat 27:47 Some of the bystanders misunderstood and thought He was calling for the prophet Elijah. Mat 27:48 One of them ran and filled a sponge with sour wine, holding it up to Him on a reed stick so He could drink. Mat 27:49 But the rest said, "Wait! Let's see whether Elijah comes to save Him." Mat 27:50 Then Jesus shouted out again, and He released His spirit. Mat 27:51 At that moment the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. The earth shook, rocks split apart, Mat 27:52 and tombs opened. The bodies of many godly men and women who had died were raised from the dead. Mat 27:53 They left the cemetery after Jesus' resurrection, went into the holy city of Jerusalem, and appeared to many people. Mat 27:54 The Roman officer and the other soldiers at the crucifixion were terrified by the earthquake and all that had happened. They said, "This man truly was the Son of God!" Mat 27:55 And many women who had come from Galilee with Jesus to care for Him were watching from a distance. Mat 27:56 Among them were Mary Magdalene, Mary (the mother of James and Joseph), and the mother of James and John, the sons of Zebedee. Mat 27:57 As evening approached, Joseph, a rich man from Arimathea who had become a follower of Jesus, Mat 27:58 went to Pilate and asked for Jesus' body. And Pilate issued an order to release it to Him. Mat 27:59 Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a long sheet of clean linen cloth. Mat 27:60 He placed it in his own new tomb, which had been carved out of the rock. Then he rolled a great stone across the entrance and left. Mat 27:61 Both Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were sitting across from the tomb and watching. Mat 27:62 The next day, on the Sabbath, the leading priests and Pharisees went to see Pilate. Mat 27:63 They told him, "Sir, we remember what that deceiver once said while He was still alive: 'After three days I will rise from the dead.' Mat 27:64 So we request that you seal the tomb until the third day. This will prevent His disciples from coming and stealing His body and then telling everyone He was raised from the dead! If that happens, we'll be worse off than we were at first." Mat 27:65 Pilate replied, "Take guards and secure it the best you can." Mat 27:66 So they sealed the tomb and posted guards to protect it.

When I Think I Stand, I Fall | Matthew 26:69-75


Mat 26:69 Meanwhile, Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard. A servant girl came over and said to him, "You were one of those with Jesus the Galilean." Mat 26:70 But Peter denied it in front of everyone. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said. Mat 26:71 Later, out by the gate, another servant girl noticed him and said to those standing around, "This man was with Jesus of Nazareth. " Mat 26:72 Again Peter denied it, this time with an oath. "I don't even know the man," he said. Mat 26:73 A little later some of the other bystanders came over to Peter and said, "You must be one of them; we can tell by your Galilean accent." Mat 26:74 Peter swore, "A curse on me if I'm lying—I don't know the man!" And immediately the rooster crowed. Mat 26:75 Suddenly, Jesus' words flashed through Peter's mind: "Before the rooster crows, you will deny three times that you even know Me." And he went away, weeping bitterly.

An amazing quote from the book "Christ's Object Lessons" by Ellen G. White which brings out this moment in clarity and truth...

For each of the classes represented by the Pharisee and the publican there is a lesson in the history of the apostle Peter. In his early discipleship Peter thought himself strong. Like the Pharisee, in his own estimation he was "not as other men are." When Christ on the eve of His betrayal forewarned His disciples, "All ye shall be offended because of Me this night," Peter confidently declared, "Although all shall be offended, yet will not I." Mark 14:27, 29.Peter did not know his own danger. Self-confidence misled him. He thought himself able to withstand temptation; but in a few short hours the test came, and with cursing and swearing he denied his Lord.

When the crowing of the cock reminded him of the words of Christ, surprised and shocked at what he had just done he turned and looked at his Master. At that moment Christ looked at Peter, and beneath that grieved look, in which compassion and love for him were blended, Peter understood himself. He went out and wept bitterly. That look of Christ's broke his heart. Peter had come to the turning point, and bitterly did he repent his sin. He was like the publican in his contrition and repentance, and like the publican he found mercy. The look of Christ assured him of pardon.

Now his self-confidence was gone. Never again were the old boastful assertions repeated.

Christ after His resurrection thrice tested Peter. "Simon, son of Jonas," He said, "lovest thou Me more than these?" Peter did not now exalt himself above his brethren. He appealed to the One who could read His heart. "Lord," he said, "Thou knowest all things; Thou knowest that I love Thee." John 21:15, 17.

Then he received his commission. A work broader and more delicate than had heretofore been his was appointed him. Christ bade him feed the sheep and the lambs. In thus committing to his stewardship the souls for whom the Saviour had laid down his own life, Christ gave to Peter the strongest proof of confidence in his restoration. The once restless, boastful, self-confident disciple had become subdued and contrite. Henceforth he followed his Lord in self-denial and self-sacrifice. He was a partaker of Christ's sufferings; and when Christ shall sit upon the throne of His glory, Peter will be a partaker in His glory. {COL 154.3}

The evil that led to Peter's fall and that shut out the Pharisee from communion with God is proving the ruin of thousands today. There is nothing so offensive to God or so dangerous to the human soul as pride and self-sufficiency. Of all sins it is the most hopeless, the most incurable.

Peter's fall was not instantaneous, but gradual. Self-confidence led him to the belief that he was saved, and step after step was taken in the downward path, until he could deny his Master. Never can we safely put confidence in self or feel, this side of heaven, that we are secure against temptation. Those who accept the Saviour, however sincere their conversion, should never be taught to say or to feel that they are saved. This is misleading. Every one should be taught to cherish hope and faith; but even when we give ourselves to Christ and know that He accepts us, we are not beyond the reach of temptation. God's word declares, "Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried." Dan. 12:10. Only he who endures the trial will receive the crown of life. (James 1:12.)

Those who accept Christ, and in their first confidence say, I am saved, are in danger of trusting to themselves. They lose sight of their own weakness and their constant need of divine strength. They are unprepared for Satan's devices, and under temptation many, like Peter, fall into the very depths of sin. We are admonished, "Let him that thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall." 1 Cor. 10:12. Our only safety is in constant distrust of self, and dependence on Christ. CHRIST'S OBJECT LESSONS, AN EXCERPT FROM CHAPTER 13 [read the whole chapter here]

Distrust of self and confidence in Christ

We all need a healthy distrust of ourselves and a boost in our confidence in Jesus Christ. This is why faith is both and action and a state of being. Anyone can claim to have faith in Christ or even to have full confidence in His saving power; but it is those who move forward in obedience to the word and will of God that will be found among the truly faithful.

Obedience is not legalism. True obedience is not "earning salvation" or "denying the power of grace"; it is putting ALL, I repeat ALL of your faith and trust in Christ. A father/son example might go something like this...

A father and a son are walking along a steep cliff in the deep forest. Suddenly the father stops and tells the son to jump off that cliff into rushing waters. Does the son trust the father enough to just do it, even though it seems a harmful act? Will the son question the father and deny his power to protect him? If the son trusts the father implicitly, and not his own understanding, then he will make the jump. But, if the son has faith in himself, he may question the motives and reasoning of the father and not make the jump. In either case, what the son doesn't know and the father does, is that there is a large Grizzly bear charging down from the trees headed straight for the son.

Obedience is listening to and doing the will of our Father in Heaven, even when it doesn't make sense to us. Obedience is a display of dependence upon Christ.

There is coming a time very soon where God's true followers will have to stand against persecution, even here in American. This persecution will be so strong because it will be coming from the very people who claim to love God. They will hate God's true followers because of their acts of obedience which will lay bare the reality of the false believers lost state.

Christ forgave Peter for putting so much faith in himself. When Peter saw that and understood, he became a great worker for Jesus. Great in the eyes of God, not in the eyes of man.


Father in Heaven,

I praise Your Name today. I know that I have no power within myself to change myself. Today I submit my will to You and ask that You would continue to change me. Show me where I need to change and give me the power to do Your will. Help my unbelief. Increase my faith.

Thank You for all that You do in my life. Thank you for the wonderful and amazing justifying sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus Christ. I accept that gift today and I ask that You will fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

Watch over my children. Keep them safe from harm. Be with Julie and protect her from the evil that is trying to end her life. Rest Your mighty hand of healing upon her and thwart the plans of the enemy. In this, as in all things, may Your Will be done. Amen.

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Clear Water vs. Diluted Truth | Matthew 26:46-56

Mat 26:46 Up, let's be going. Look, My betrayer is here!" Mat 26:47 And even as Jesus said this, Judas, one of the twelve disciples, arrived with a crowd of men armed with swords and clubs. They had been sent by the leading priests and elders of the people. Mat 26:48 The traitor, Judas, had given them a prearranged signal: "You will know which one to arrest when I greet Him with a kiss." Mat 26:49 So Judas came straight to Jesus. "Greetings, Rabbi!" he exclaimed and gave Him the kiss. Mat 26:50 Jesus said, "My friend, go ahead and do what you have come for." Then the others grabbed Jesus and arrested Him. Mat 26:51 But one of the men with Jesus pulled out his sword and struck the high priest's slave, slashing off his ear. Mat 26:52 "Put away your sword," Jesus told him. "Those who use the sword will die by the sword. Mat 26:53 Don't you realize that I could ask My Father for thousands of angels to protect us, and He would send them instantly? Mat 26:54 But if I did, how would the Scriptures be fulfilled that describe what must happen now?" Mat 26:55 Then Jesus said to the crowd, "Am I some dangerous revolutionary, that you come with swords and clubs to arrest Me? Why didn't you arrest Me in the Temple? I was there teaching every day. Mat 26:56 But this is all happening to fulfill the words of the prophets as recorded in the Scriptures." At that point, all the disciples deserted Him and fled.

Was Jesus a Revolutionary?

Yes, he was, but not by human standards, or sinful standards for that matter.   He was and is the antithesis of Satan's government and way of doing and conquering. Jesus sought to "conquer" with truth, love and humility - while the people he discipled and those who thought of him as a revolutionary where always waiting for the violence to begin. We see this in verse 51, when Peter reacts with violence cutting off the ear of one of the temple guards. We see this in the fact that the High Priest sent temple guards with swords and clubs to arrest Jesus who had never lifted a finger to harm anyone, but instead only helped the "unclean".

What a lonely struggle it must have been for Him; constantly trying to teach people of His ways, while they were always looking to bring things around to their way.

I must apply this to my own walk with Jesus. Do I often try to manipulate His words and change the meaning of them so that it fits my reality; my desired result? Who am I to tell the King of the Universe how He should run his government - yet I constantly find that He has to correct my ways and views because I have allowed "self" to dilute and change the clear waters of his ways.

Clean Water vs. Diluted Truth

This can be illustrated in a problem many of us have today. We often turn down the choice of cool clear fresh water, and instead we add things to it to make it more palatable. We turn it into kool-aid or hot chocolate. We make it into coffee or tea. We choose soda made with cups of sugar over water or we add crystal light to it and fool ourselves into thinking "it's now good for us".

The real kicker is we understand at our core that plain simple "water" is what we need, yet we choose to make it into something that pleases us. What we don't always allow ourselves to realize is that at the point we change it, it ceases to be water.

So it is with God's Will and His Word. If we add our own desires and wants into His Word, it becomes changed into something it was never intended for. This is why we have so many different belief systems in the Christian walk. Too many Christians today seek to make the word say what is expedient for them, instead of simply seeking truth that allows us to know and to do the Will of God.

Was Jesus forced into the hands of the enemy, or did he let himself be taken?

Verse 53 makes it clear that Jesus could have asked for a league of angels to protect him and the temple guard would never have even come close to him. He gave himself over of his own free will, because it was the time and the place appointed by His Father. Why else would he have been in the garden struggling with the Father? He knew his time had come and he struggled like the rest of us to do the Will of God. But unlike many of us, he also placed the Will of God above his own and even unto death he followed the that Will.

Can we have that kind of faith?

Yes, we can. While our faith will be tainted by a sinful heart, if we ask for the help to do God's Will it is available to us. We must give our"selves" over to God and give Him complete control over our lives. Seek His Will, be willing to do His Will, and He will entrust you with it.

Jesus was completely like we are, yet failed in no point. If he was completely like we are then he also was dependent upon the Father for everything. Every move he made was in complete unity with the Will of God. We too can have this, but it takes the same complete surrender that Jesus gave to the Father.

Do you want that type of surrender?

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you."

Seeking the Will of God is seeking to obey. He will add everything else to us, if we only seek with all our hearts, souls and minds to know His Will.

Train of thought:

  1. Seek GOD
  2. Seeking GOD is seeking His Will
  3. My will is my thoughts, cares, understandings, wisdom and character.
  4. GOD'S Will is the same, but His is perfect.
  5. When we seek GOD, we are not seeking an "experience" or "feeling".
  6. When we seek GOD, we are seeking His Will so that we can align ourselves to it.
  7. Knowing GOD is doing His Will.


Dear Father in Heaven,

Thank You so much for sending Your Son Jesus to take my place on the cross. I praise Your Name today and ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit. I ask for Your forgiveness and for Your strength to overcome. I cannot do this on my own Lord, but I believe by faith today that You can do it through me. I ask for the Mind of Christ. Help my unbelief. Increase my faith.

Please show me what you want me to do with Victor. I lift up to you Julie and ask that Your mighty hand of healing would put all of her suffering away and allow the miracle to be completed. Create in her a witness that will glorify You to the ends of the earth. Give her the opportunity to tell her story.

Please give me the finances that will allow me to help others as you would have me to. Thank You for all that You provide...You are such a gracious and loving God.

Be with my son and my daughter, heal them both body and spirit. Let them know how much they are loved. Help me to bring them to You Lord.

Most importantly Lord Father, please may Your perfect Will be done. Give me the wisdom to know....Amen.